Capris Leggings Fashion Don’ts

There’s no shortage of solutions for the right ways to stylishly pair your Capri leggings with tunics, wedges, or oversized sweatshirts. Fashion-conscious yogis adore the versatility that capris offer their wardrobe, whether they are only going to the studio or heading out for an evening date. The real question is: do you know how not to wear your Capri leggings?

If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge to wear your Capri leggings, make sure you take a look at these fashion faux pas before you leave the house.

Don’t go crazy with prints.

Have you been considering a bolder fashion statement with your yoga leggings? For some yogis, their apparel is a way for them to embrace self-acceptance. Patterns can represent bold, outgoing personalities that stand out from the crowd. If you fall into this category, keep in mind that all of your prints should be well-balanced.

A print on one item in your outfit is more than enough to make you original. If you opt for patterned capris, make sure that you tone them down just a bit with solid colors elsewhere. A solid-colored top in a matching color may be a good choice if your personality suits lots of bright colors. Others will want to choose dark tops to balance out the bright colors on their bottom half.

Don’t purchase low-quality leggings.

This is a great fashion reminder for all capri leggings. You don’t want to purchase low-quality leggings because they won’t hold up as well to continued movements. Capris leggings should be able to withstand plenty of rigorous movement if you plan to wear them for your practice. Not only that, but the fabric should be thick enough to keep everything underneath your leggings hidden. A standing forward bend shouldn’t give your classmate a front row seat to what you have beneath.

Stick with good-quality name brands when you purchase your leggings, like 90 Degree by Reflex.

Don’t carry your gym bag around town.

If you plan to take your Capri leggings off the yoga mat and put them into good use elsewhere, remember to bring something other than a gym bag. Your leggings will look much classier without the bulk of a gym bag advertising their primary purpose. Not only is it cumbersome to carry a gym bag around town, but it also adds a significantly more casual feel to your capris leggings instead of a polished appearance.

Put a small handbag with your essentials inside your gym bag if you know that you will be going out later. This allows you to leave the gym bag in your car at your next destination while still keeping all of your necessities by your side.

Yogis who want to use their fashion to express themselves on and off the mat should pay close attention to these guidelines. Keep your Capri leggings from looking frumpy or outdated with these helpful tips on the best ways not to wear them.